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We cater for all Services related to your Study Abroad.

Apply for Admission to study Abroad


We aid the procurement of Admission Offer Letters for the prospective students from the Institution preferred by the students. Our goal is to make the Admission Process as easy as possible.

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We will guide you on what course to choose based on your academic performance


We help students decide on the right Career to pursue based on their previous academic performance. Students can simply call in to get advice on this or send us their results for evaluation on which Course to pursue further or how to change to a more suitable course based on their performance and the Job market.

We would help you book accommodation both on and off-campus


We Assist Students in finding a Safe Accomodation be it on or off-campus based on demand. We assist Sponsors/Parent(s) and relative(s) of the student in making Hotel or Hostel Reservation for them when they visit their Child or Ward.

Student Visa Application made easy by TS Education Services

Visa Application

All Students wishing to study Abroad are required to obtain a Student Visa from the Embassy of the Country they wish to study. We have experienced agents here to ensure that you get your visa on time.

TS Education has the best guide for studying abroad

Study Guide

Anyone who has studied abroad can tell you that you'll never have all your questions answered before you go - Sometimes, it's even hard to know what to ask. Thankfully, hundreds of students have already considered this for you and We have compiled it here on our blog for your reference.

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TS Education Services can help you obtain your travel documents

Travel Documents

We assist students in the processing, collection and verification of Travel documents such as International Passport and other relevant travel documents for an affordable price.


A Short Summary of How we Work.


Tell us more about the Career you would like to pursue, Your current academic qualifications and Your financial Budget. Then, We will advise you on the way forward.


With TS Education Services you can easily apply for admission and submit all relevant document here. No worries, we will guide you through the application process up to when you arrive at the University.


On arrival at the University, We will guide you on how to Register for your first Academic Session and get settled in your preferred Accommodation.

Schools in Malaysia.

Here is a list of Prestiguous Schools, Colleges and Universities that we work with Based in Malaysia.

Study at City University College
Study at Mahsa University College
Study at Perdana University College
Study at FTMS Collge
4 years

FTMS Collge.

Study at Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College
Kuala Lumpur
Study at Malvern International Academy
Kuala Lumpur
Study at I-Word Technology
Kuala Lumpur
Study at Limkokwing University
Kuala Lumpur
Study at Taylor's University
Kuala Lumpur

Study Abroad and obtain UK,USA, Canada & Australian Degrees

Schools in Europe.

Here is a list of Prestiguous Schools, Colleges and Universities that we work with Based in Europe.

Study at the International Business School in Budapest
2 years

IBS Budapest.

Study at the International Business School in Vienna
2 years

IBS Vienna.

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We want to make your study process as easy as possible for you so, We've listed 10 important Facts about your Study Abroad.

5 things every student must know about Malaysia

16 Dec 2018 Sosodecx

Malaysia is the World's Top 10 Tourist Destination, with up to 20 Million visitors annually from around the world.

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We are constantly seeking Study Abroad Agents and University Partners around the World.

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Study Abroad

Join our Team

Now is a good time to become a study abroad agent as we will train you to easily work from home at your own time and earn commission per student. People from all nationality are welcome to join us as training would be provided.

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Seeking Universities & Colleges for Marketing partnership
Universities & Colleges

Become our University Partner.

We can promote your University and get you more students through our large network of Agents from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, who are well trained and experienced in marketing Universities and Colleges to prospective students.

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