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Apply for Admission.

Apply for Admission to Study in Malaysia/Hungary/Italy

Apply for Admission to Study in Malaysia/Hungary/Italy.

Please read the following carefully before you fill the Application form below.

* Please Ensure that all information given is correct and the application form is filled completely.

* Please Ensure that you have an Internation Passport Booklet before you fill this form as your International Passport or I.C Number will be required.

* Your application for student visa would be declined, if any of the details given is false.

* Please Ensure that you have your International Passport Booklet ready as the number would be required here.

* Please Ensure that all contact information you give are valid at the time of filling this application form, as it would be used to contact you.

Application Form

Full Name as it appears in your International Passport/Identity Card.
Your Email Address, please ensure that it is valid so, we can use it to reach you.
Applying for Certificate/Diploma/Degree/Masters/Ph.d?.
Applying for what Course?.
Your International Passport/I.C Number.
Your Highest Academic Qualification.
Phone Number
What Country would you like to study?.
Wha are you from?.
Additional Information.(Maximum 1500 words)

To ensure that your application is processed rapidly, you can also send an email containing supporting documents to stating your Name and when you filled the application form and we'll get back to you shortly.


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